About Solarize Connecticut

Solar Ambassadors

Who are Solar Ambassadors?

Brookfield-Solar-Ambassador-Group-Photo-300x168The Solarize Connecticut program relies on volunteers to do outreach about the benefits of solar in their communities. People who have solar are usually the most passionate and best spokespeople for solar, and the Solarize program has created a great opportunity for them and others to reach out to friends and neighbors by designating them as “Solar Ambassadors.” Others in your community who are passionate about solar and clean energy also make excellent solar ambassadors, including people who rent or have bad sites for solar, students and teachers, places of worship, local business owners, and people involved in community service for a variety of issues.

Solar Ambassadors are Key!

Montville-ambassadors-300x237Helping generate interest among other residents to go solar is the primary responsibility for each Solarize community. Solar Ambassadors help create interest through many outreach activities. Each volunteer may choose different ways to participate in the Solarize campaign during the twenty weeks of the program. Surveys of past Solarize communities show that those who decided to sign a contract for solar likely talked to Solar Ambassadors as part of their decision-making. Solar Ambassadors are key to getting the word out!

How Solar Ambassadors Can Help:

Solar Ambassadors are the backbone of Solarize outreach and get involved in different ways to make Solarize a success in your community. Below are some ways “Solar Ambassadors” have promoted Solarize. Whether you take on many or do just one – every contribution helps your community become more solarized.

L to R: Bob Wall, Toni Bouchard, Hilary Staver, Marquese Griffin, Jahaida Diaz, and Patrick Peluso pose with the Solarize Bridgeport banner.

L to R: Bob Wall, Toni Bouchard, Hilary Staver, Marquese Griffin, Jahaida Diaz, and Patrick Peluso pose with the Solarize Bridgeport banner.

  • Talk with your friends, neighbors, or co-workers about your experience with solar and the Solarize program.
  • Put a Solarize lawn sign outside your home.
  • Host an open house, so town residents can see your solar installation, see your utility bills, and talk with you about your experience with solar. You can also work with other solar owners to have a tour of homes.
  • Organize a workshop at your school, workplace, clubs, place of worship, civic groups, garden clubs, etc. or send out a message about Solarize in their newsletters.
  • Write letters to the editor of local papers, talk to reporters about solar on your home. Send letters to the editor to your local Patch or on-line newspaper.
  • Use social media to spread the word. “Like” Solarize on Facebook and share postings about the Solarize campaign with friends and neighbors on your Facebook page. Start a blog about Solarize.
  • Post fliers about the campaign and upcoming events at your local supermarket, coffee shop, library, school, etc. Ask if you can put up a display in your town hall, library, or school.
  • Reserve a table at your local community events for Solarize and join your installer and other volunteers to staff it. Try places like farmer’s markets, school fairs, Election Day polling spots, fairs, sports events, etc.
  • Work with students in schools, boy or girl scouts, or environmental clubs on solar projects to promote the program or use GIS to identify good solar sites.
  • If you are a carpenter, artist or crafty person, create signs, displays, or solar “thermometers” to track success of the program and place them in visible locations in the community.
  • As the deadline for Solarize approaches for your town, volunteer to make phone calls to your neighbors who have proposals from the installer to put solar on their homes to talk to them about your solar.

For more information, please contact:
Kate Donnelly at 860-604-4846 or kdonnelly@SmartPower.org