Our Partners

Meet the team

Solarize Connecticut was made possible by a strategic partnership between the Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, the John Merck Fund, Putnam Foundation, and SmartPower. These three powerhouse organizations share a common goal of spreading the adoption of clean energy across the nation. With a combination of finance, policy and marketing expertise, this trio has both the capacity and drive to make solar simple, affordable and fun for Connecticut residents.

About the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA)

CEFIA was established by Connecticut’s General Assembly on July 1, 2011 as a part of Public Act 11-80. This new quasi-public agency supersedes the former Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. CEFIA’s mission is to help ensure Connecticut’s energy security and community prosperity by realizing its environmental and economic opportunities through clean energy finance and investments. As the nation’s first full-scale clean energy finance authority, CEFIA will leverage public and private funds to drive investment and scale-up clean energy deployment in Connecticut. For more information about CEFIA, please visit www.ctcleanenergy.com.

About The John Merck Fund

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, The John Merck Fund was established in 1970 by the late Serena Merck and is now in its third generation of family leadership. Starting in 2012, The John Merck Fund will spend all of its assets over the next ten years to spur progress in clean energy, environmental health, development of a New England regional food system, and treatment of developmental disabilities. For more information, please visit www.jmfund.org.

About SmartPower

SmartPower is the nation’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to promoting clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency. SmartPower’s award-winning, research-based campaigns have engaged people across the country, building the clean energy marketplace and helping Americans become smarter about their energy use. SmartPower is leading the New England Solar Challenge effort which is intended to accelerate the adoption of Solar PV throughout the region. For more information, please visit www.smartpower.org.

Then and Now

Ten years ago, CEFIA and The John Merck Fund invested in SmartPower to create the award-winning Clean Energy Communities Campaign. The partners are coming together again to launch Solarize Connecticut — a program which they are hopeful will achieve success in driving down the cost of residential solar.