Raising Awareness

sct-testimonial-Bloomfield - ReskiThis PV array is on an out building, and was installed in May 2007.  It is a 3.3KW, 16 panel system, which is undersized for the house load. However, we converted all our appliance loads to gas which has lowered our daily usage to 7KW in summer (non-air condition) and 12KW in winter.

The system has performed flawlessly averaging a total yearly output of 3,100KW. This translates to a daily average output of 8.5kW /day. In fact, we consistently over generate from mid March to mid October, so in effect our house operates Electrically ‘Net-Positive’ for 7 months /year!

The style of panel produces higher output on cloudy days but gives up some energy in direct sun. The peak daily output is 20kw with clear atmosphere. The array utilized a unique flashed roof boot for the support rails, so we avoided sealant at the roof penetrations.

The excess generation is credited forward into the late fall until it is used up. Owning a Solar Panel system raises the awareness of electrical usage in a home and in fact encourages conservation by the home owner. Our own example of this is when our well pump required replacement we gladly paid extra for the most efficient pump on the market not just to conserve power, but to also increase our  over generation and extend the credited power, what a great feeling!

Dale Bertoldi & Vikki Reski

See What Your Neighbors are Saying about Solar!

“I am green and believe in conservation. Plus, six months of the year I have no electric bills! It’s nice to be off the grid.”
Al Kaimer, Brookfield Solar Homeowner

“It’s important to our all futures that we make the switch to clean energy, and putting solar on my home is an easy way to help promote clean energy while saving money.”
Steven Wurst, Brookfield Solar Homeowner

Reduced my electric bill 75%

sct-testimonial-Simsbury-CurrierMy experience with solar was seamless from the start. The process was completely handled by the solar people, from planning, to permits, to installation. The fact that I can save money, and I am helping to clean up the environment, and create less dependence on brown energy for my kids and their kids is a win/win !!! Since I started using green energy at night, and solar power by day, I have cut my electric bill by almost 75%!!!!
Pam Currier
Simsbury resident