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Solarize Bethel

Solarize Bethel is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents
to go solar. You’ll get:

  • $0 down financing options that require no out-of- pocket expenses

  • Certified local solar installer

  • High quality equipment at reduced pricing

  • Significant federal and state incentives

  • Protection against rising energy costs


We’ve reached the deadline for the Solarize Bethel campaign but Ross Solar will give you some more time to make your decision. Contact them to find out if you can still take advanctage of the Solarize pricing.


Are you ready to get started?


“The Solarize Bethel program is supported by the Town of Bethel to help residents explore ways they can save money on their household expenses. I personally have solar on my own home and the town is installing a solar farm on the former landfill to offset the town expenses. I highly recommend that everyone get their home evaluated for solar at no cost through Solarize Bethel.”

Bethel First Selectman, Matt Knickerbocker


Roy Smith – A Bethel Solar Installation by Ross Solar

Our primary reason for going solar is to invest in renewable energy for the long term, and avoid rising electric prices. We also love that our system will generate ‘free’ electricity once the panels are paid for (we’ll only have to pay the $17 monthly Eversource charge). We have a 20 panel array that totals 6.5 kW.  The panels are Sunpower (327) panels, and are basically black in color.  We use a SolarEdge central inverter.

Our system was designed and installed by Ross Solar in Danbury, CT.  It was a complete turnkey operation, where Ross Solar took care of the design, engineering plans for approval, permit process with the Town of Bethel, installation, and coordination of inspections.  Ross Solar was extremely professional throughout the process.  The system was up and running within the expected time frame.  Communications throughout the process were very clear.  The installation of the entire system was completed in one day.  They also responded right away to any questions or issues that arose.

We purchased our system utilizing a loan (facilitated by the installer). Our electricity bills before going solar were about $160/month on average and now that we have solar, our electricity bill plus the solar loan is still about $160 a month on average. We choose to pay more monthly to pay off the system off early. We love that our system meets 100% of our annual electric usage. The federal (and state) tax credit and rebate were crucial to helping make the financials viable for purchasing our system.  Also, the price of solar in general had come down in recent years.  When I first investigated solar many years ago, the costs were prohibitive.

We definitely recommend that people look at solar through Solarize Bethel since our installer, Ross Solar was chosen as the recommended installer and the town program offers residents a discounted rate not available to us when we bought our panels.



Wayne Curtis -Solar Array of Bethel Solar Owner