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Solarize Bristol

Solarize Bristol is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar.
You’ll get:

  • Cash flow positive from the beginning

  • $0 down financing

  • Insulation from ever-increasing energy costs

  • 25 year warranty



You must sign a contract by February 9th, 2017 to receive the benefits of Solarize Bristol.

Are you ready to get started?

“The City of Bristol is excited to partner with Solarize Connecticut to bring affordable solar power to the residents in the community. With so many different ways to go solar today, we endorse Solarize Bristol as a stream-lined, vetted, simple way to help residents explore generating their own power with a local installer. We encourage residents to consider solar for their homes to increase generation of clean energy and decrease dependence on fossil fuels. The City of Bristol urges residents to attend one of the upcoming informational sessions to learn how to participate in this program.” 

Kenneth B. Cockayne

What Your Bristol Neighbors Are Saying About Going Solar

Jason DeConti: Making My Home Survivable, With or Without Income

jason-deconti-panels                  jason-deconti-ford-c-max

Back in 2012, at the height of the CT’s job market woes, I found myself training fifteen individuals in another country to take over my job role for a fraction of my six figure income.  At that point I decided to do everything in my power to make myself lay off proof.   That meant getting spending under control and eliminating any bills that were not required.  As you will see, I took a rather holistic approach to making my home survivable, with or without income.

The first area of attention went to utilities, and the easiest one to control was my electric bill by installing solar panels. The installer came by, sized my system needs based upon my previous years usage and quoted me for a $26,000 dollar system.  I opted for an install in December so that I could get my tax credits for that year come February when I did our taxes.   Total back between Federal and state programs was about $14,000, if memory serves correctly, leaving me with a $12,000 balance.

My system was one of the first in Bristol and went through some solid scrutiny by the building department’s electrical inspector.   After a couple minor changes, we were given the green light to go live and we’ve been running it since early March of 2013.

Part of the program to get the incentives was a home energy audit.  I had already gone through and re-insulated my home to save on heating and air conditioning costs, so they didn’t find much in the way or required improvements and we were cleared to go.  What I did notice after the audit was all the new appliances I could get to lower my usage below what the panels were scheduled to produce annually (6K system).   I purchased a device called a Kill-A-Watt, went through my home checking anything with a plug, and replaced or unplugged everything to get my usage way below that.

At this time, 93 octane fuel was running approximately $4 dollars a gallon as well.  I was already spending about $450 in gas costs a month for just my two performance cars and thought, if I could find a way to offset that, I should do it.  I went to a Ford dealership, found a C-Max Energi Plug in Hybrid vehicle, and picked that up replacing my two cars.  The savings on gas by utilizing my solar panels to fill my car daily instead of expensive fuel , plus not having a $130-$150 electric bill offset the $12,000 outlay my solar install cost me in just about 2 years vs the standard payback of 12 years on a purchased system.  Driving electric has impressed me so much I’ve replaced that vehicle with a 2017 Chevy Volt which is far more capable.  I typically drive 120+ miles a day on sunshine now.

I’ve since installed a heat pump on my home to offset my heating oil costs with very efficient electric heating in the winter, further saving me money thanks to the solar panels.

In short solar has been a life changing event for me.  It’s changed how I think about energy and self reliance.  It’s given me options for fueling my transportation and has given me the ability to heat my home with out heating oil or natural gas expenses.  It has also changed the way I make money and has changed the lives of hundreds of people I work with and have for customers.  I’d encourage anyone and everyone to go solar if their situation allows it.

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