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Solarize Chester/Deep River

Solarize Chester/Deep River is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar. You’ll get:

  • Cash flow positive from the beginning

  • $0 down financing

  • Insulation from ever-increasing energy costs

  • 25 year warranty


You must sign a contract by February 8th, 2017 to receive the benefits of Solarize Chester/Deep River.

Are you ready to get started?

“I chose to install a field mounted solar tracking system due to the roof orientation on my house and barn. Tbernhart-ground-mount-sidehe system tracks the sun throughout the day based on GPS location and elevation, providing optimal exposure to the sun and about 50% more power generation than a stationary system.  The 6 KW system consists of 24 solar panels mounted on the tracking tower.  The system was hooked into the panel in my barn so connection to my net meter did not require any trenching.

Monitoring of the system is accomplished by modem data transfer over the power lines to my internet rbernhart-ground-mountouter and out to the monitoring company.  The system was sized to provide just over 100% of my average annual power consumption which includes central air conditioning in the summer months.  It has done the job with no downtime.  I get a small generation charge one month a year but for 11 months I pay only the fixed charge of $19.25 for Eversource delivery.  I have been very satisfied with the purchase and it is comforting to know that I own it and will not have to deal with roof replacement issues.”
Bill Bernhart, Chester

“In the suchester-lynn-systemmmer of 2013, we committed to installing 24 solar panels in order to do our part for the environment. Our home is all electric and the panels produce 70 – 75% of our pchester-jacques-meterower. Since that time, we have saved over $4,000 in utility bills, and passively produced 27 megawatts of electricity (27 million watts). It will take a few more years of savings to break even, but the consolation of doing the right thing is priceless. We hope to serve as responsible role models to our kids and grandkids, and maybe inspire others as well. If we can do it, anyone can.

It may seem like a small step toward solving a huge problem, but it is step nonetheless. We feel good having taken it.”
Lynne & Dean Jacques, Chester




“The Towns of Chester and Deep River are excited to collaborate to boost the opportunity to install residential and commercial solar back to our Towns through the State-sponsored Solarize Program. This campaign will be similar to Chester’s previous effort three years ago except with a new solar installer and in a collaborative effort with the Town of Deep River.”
Lauren Gister, First Selectwoman of Chester