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Solarize Eastford/Willington

Solarize Eastford/Willington is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar. You’ll get:

  • Cash flow positive from the beginningWillington Town Seal

  • $0 down financing

  • EastfordtownsealInsulation from ever-increasing energy costs

  • 25 year warranty


You must sign a contract by January 19, 2017 to receive the benefits of Solarize Eastford/Willington.

Are you ready to get started?


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“Here’s What Your Town Leaders Are Saying About Solarize”


“The Town of Eastford, in keeping with its commitment to sustainable energy and consistent with its designation as a “Rising Energy Star” in Connecticut, is pleased to partner with its neighbor, the Town of Willington, and some 60 other Connecticut municipalities, in participating in the Solarize Connecticut program. Such participation is just one of several efforts being undertaken by the Town to assure opportunities for, and implementation of, sustainable energy efforts and programs by Eastford residents. With the addition of Solarize Connecticut to the Town’s energy agenda and potentialities, the people of Eastford are afforded opportunities to have solar installations at more affordable rates and with larger savings.”

Eastford First Selectman Arthur W. Brodeur


“We are thrilled to join other Connecticut municipalities to offer solar options to Willington home owners and businesses through the Solarize Connecticut program.  Through our chosen vendor, Earthlight, our residents who participate can expect to save money on their electricity usage while making a difference for the environment.”

Christina Beebe Mailhos



“Here’s What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Their Solar”


“I’m glad we installed our first solar PV system, so glad in fact that we’ve installed two systems, one in 2011 (with CT incentives) and an even larger system in 2013 (with CL&P incentives, that are now difficult to obtain for 1-4 family owner-occupied residences). Our first system is a pole-mounted array and was installed by a solar contractor. Two years later I was able to install my own roof and ground-mounted system (a self-install is not an option with the CT Green Bank rebates). I no longer receive a power bill for consumption. I even designed our second system to be large enough to power a mini-split heat pump. While we still continue to conserve power, we’ve prepaid for our electricity for years to come and isolated ourselves from future rate hikes. Now, when I get a phone call trying to sell us solar I can tell them why we both don’t need to waste our time talking. I bet that’s a benefit of solar you hadn’t even considered.”

Don Berg, Willington Resident

We installed our panels in October of 2014; we have 33 panels facing south (see photo). They supply around 52% of our year-round generation for house’s needs (we use a lot of electricity).

It covers over 150% generation of home’s needs in summer months and about 20% in winter months.lopes-house-willington

Our Advice: ask questions of the company carefully such as: who are the ultimate owners, the backup services, the installation procedures and methodology, the guarantee, and hardware used -who makes the panels.

Jerry Lopes, Willington Homeowner



“Hello, we are Steve and Marsha Sokoloski from Eastford, CT. Like many people these days we had been considering adding solar panels to our home for a number of years. We did our best to collect information by researching online, going on solar home tours, and looking at various forms of solar driven technology with the goal of reducing our energy consumption. We knew we had a good lot for solar, and when the time came to build a garage, we took care to position it to take advantage of our southern exposure. What led us to make the decision go forward with installing solar panels was learning about the incentives available at the state and federal level, and talking to some of our neighbors who had recently completed solar projects. Everyone who had done a project was positive about their experience and had gave us great information. We chose a local area installer who did a great job of leading us through the process. Our solar panels were installed last spring. We are about six months in and everything has been working smooth as silk. We look at our solar generation statistics online every couple of days. The solar panels produced all the electricity we needed during the summer including running a pool filter and whole house air conditioning. We produced a surplus of energy and have banked several hundred kilowatt hours of electric credit with Eversource. We will draw on that credit through the winter when our panels will have less sunlight to produce electricity. We will know more after we have a year of data to look at, but it looks like our system will produce a slight yearly surplus of electricity above what our household uses. We also benefitted from the energy audit required by the Connecticut Green Bank to participate in their incentive program. Several areas of energy leakage in our home were tightened up and all of our existing bulbs were converted to LED at a nominal cost. We did our project before the Solarize program came to Eastford. Had it been in place, we certainly would have turned to the program as another source of information and the additional incentives the program offers. Bottom line for us, the incentives in place made solar panels affordable, a knowledgeable installer made the process easy, and we are very happy with our results.”

Steve and Marsha Sokoloski Testimonial for Solarize CT – Fall 2016




Eastford residents listen to the presentation at the Solarize Eastford Launch Workshop

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Willington Residents listen to Selectman Kim Kowalyshyn

talk about her Solar installation by Earthlight Solar



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