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Solarize Ellington


Solarize Ellington is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar. You’ll get:

      • $0 down financing options that require no out-of- pocket expenses
      • Certified local solar installer
      • High quality equipment at reduced pricing
      • Significant federal and state incentives
      • Protection against rising energy costs

Program extended! You must sign a contract by September, 2017 to receive the benefits of Solarize Ellington.


 “Solarize Ellington is a program that the Town is eager to promote to its residents. The benefits of renewable solar energy are vast, and utilizing it is an economical and practical way to meet household energy needs while reducing environmental pollutants. This program offers the potential for immediate savings and will allow residents to take control of their available energy resources. I feel that this program is a huge asset to the community, and I recommend that Ellington residents take advantage of the no-charge evaluation to see if their homes can go solar.”
Ellington’s First Selectman, Lori Spielman

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Here’s What Your Neighbor’s Are Saying About Their Solar Installations…


We live in a modest home in Ellington and have for over 12 years.  Like many homeowners, some of the things we are most concerned about in our every day life are saving money and the environment.  We had been interested in solar for quite some time, but in the past, have not been able to afford the options available and our house, which does not face south, was not an ideal candidate.  In February 2015, we met with a solar company that we saw at the CT Flower Show.  We allowed them to come out and give us the in-home presentation, still very skeptical that it would work for us. Once we became educated of all the changes and improvements that have been made, and truly learned the ins and out of the system and how it works, we decided on the spot that we wanted to solar.  It is something we are very proud of and have never had second thoughts.

For us, there has been nothing but good things.  We have, in not quite 2 years, saved almost $1,500 overall by reducing our electrical costs. There are so many different options for how to go solar you just need to become educated and decide which one will work best for you.  The most important thing people don’t realize, we think, is that you can go solar and start seeing savings right away.  The old belief that it will take years to save what you spent is just not true (depending on how you decide to go solar).  The process, from start to finish takes months, but the company did all the leg work, and our part, as homeowners, was very simple.  We have helped many of our friends and family go solar also, and the savings for the environment and our wallets continues to grow.

We are super proud of the panels on our roof (often wishing they could be seen from the road) and we could go on and on about it.  But our biggest piece of advice is:

Allow a representative the time to educate you so that you can truly understand the systems, processes, benefits, and the requirements of you and your home. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple, affordable, and how much of a difference just your solar system will make. We were very happily surprised that we were such good candidates and are incredibly proud of what we have been able to do to help the environment.
– Jeff and Kelly Moore



“I just wanted to let you know that the job your guys did looks awesome! Thank you so much for paying attention to the details. And I want to thank Justin for suggesting the additional four panels, even though it meant a lot more work for him. I am looking forward to seeing that meter run backward!
-Gardy & Suzanne
“You guys are awesome! I am so happy with the solar panels. Every person who worked on the house (inside and out) was courteous and professional. Everything was explained to me along the way and any questions were answered. I am already seeing savings in my electric bill!!! I would recommend you to anyone who wants to have solar panels installed. It was a pleasure to work with your company!”