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Solarize Hamden

Solarize Hamden is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar. You’ll get:   

  • Community-selected, certified local solar installers
  • Protection against rising energy costs
  • Town-wide educational solar workshops from a neutral nonprofit
  • $0 down financing options thatrequire no out-of- pocket expenses
  • Town-approved, high quality equipment at reduced group pricing


The Solarize Hamden  deadline is February 14, 2018.  


Listen to a webinar about the Solarize Hamden program by clicking here

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“The Town of Hamden is very happy to bring Solarize CT back to our residents for a second round. Hamden is committed to sustainability and this program is a great way for our residents to become involved and take control of their energy bills. Solarize Hamden is a way for our residents to receive discounted pricing and the peace of mind that comes with working with a reputable solar installer vetted by the Town. Residents can take advantage of solar incentives and different financing options to stabilize their electric bills for years to come. As the Town itself continues to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs across our buildings, I strongly encourage residents to make the same effort and find out if their home is compatible with the Solarize CT program. Residents can sign up for a free solar evaluation, or attend a Solarize CT workshop to find out more. It truly is a great way to save money and help our environment too!”– Mayor Curt Leng



Here’s what your Hamden neighbors are saying about their solar…

Click Below to see a video with Hamden solar owners

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“Thinking about going green? Now is the time! I went “solar” three years ago and it has made a significant difference in my electric bill. Solarize Connecticut was introduced three years ago and the town of Hamden contracted with the C-TEC solar company to provide a financial savings on the program. My own experience with the C-TEC solar company representatives was excellent. The process was simple and painless. After the minimum requirements of my house were met, it was smooth sailing from start to finish. The solar panels were installed in one day and they are quite impressive in appearance. Three separate inspections of the panels were checked before going online. Since then, I have had no problems with my panels at all. I am glad that I made the change – leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the earth is important to me.”
-Pat Wales, Riverside Drive, Hamden



“We’ve had our 4.88kW rooftop solar array for almost two years.  The whole process was easier than I expected.  First, we registered on the EnergySage Marketplace website and got quotes from pre-screened installers.  The installers could see via satellite that our house was a good candidate – roof in good condition with a moderate pitch, not too many trees, south-facing orientation.  We had three installers come out for site visits, which only took about an hour each, then picked the installer who gave us the best quote & that we liked best – Sunlight Solar.  We decided to buy the panels rather than lease them.  Sunlight Solar helped us get a no-money-down loan for the whole thing ($16,000), so we didn’t pay anything up front.  We are repaying the loan over ten years, from the dramatic savings on our electric bill.  (We also qualified for a $5,000 federal tax rebate).  It has worked out perfectly, and we feel really good about the environmental benefit of using a renewable energy source.” 

-Susan Wells & Wendy Felletter

Hamden Residents Listen to C-TEC Solar’s Presentation at the Solarize Hamden Launch Workshop