Solarize Manchester!

Thank you for your interest in Solarize Connecticut. This program is now closed. For more information on solar, please go to where you will find information on whether your home is right for solar, how to find an installer, and financing information. If you have any questions about Solarize Connecticut, please contact Kate Donnelly at

“The Town of Manchester is proud to participate in the Solarize CT program, which will make solar panels available to home-owners at substantially-reduced cost.  Over the last several years, Manchester has been involved in a number of energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.  Our involvement in this program reflects the Town’s continuing dedication to improving the quality of life for its residents by promoting clean energy and reducing dependency on fossil fuels.”
– Leo Diana. Mayor, Town of Manchester 


  • Producing Green Electricity!

    sct-testimonial-Manchester-Dargan“Since first learning about solar-powered energy I have wanted to partake.  Now it is more important than ever as we humans continue to pump more and more carbon dioxide into the air with dangerous and possibly irreversible consequences.

    “It is such a good feeling to have those panels up there producing green electricity, and it isn’t costing any more money!  Even if we disappoint ourselves and find that we had to use a bit of dirty energy here and there during cloudy or rainy days, we still, in the long run, have created more green energy than dirty, and have reduced our carbon footprint significantly.”

    Kathleen Dargan

  • Go Green, Go Solar!

    sct-testimonial-Manchester-BaileyI believe we must take care of our Earth-it is the only one we have! If I believe this, I must live it.  That is why I have solar panels on the roof of my house. Since April, I have generated the electricity for my use and for the grid that we all depend on.  Fewer brown outs have occurred since many others have made this step.  It is cheaper for me as well.
    Not only have I gone solar, I have an electric mower to keep emissions out of the air, and I drive a hybrid car, which saves me money on gas due to the average 45-50 mpg that I get. I put my money where my heart is, and I save money! That is what I call a win-win!  Are you saving money yet? If not, why not!  Go Green, Go Solar, help the earth and save it for your children, grandchildren and generations to come.

    Christina Bailey