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Solarize Middlefield

Solarize Middlefield is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents
to go solar. You’ll get:

  • $0 down financing options that require no out-of- pocket expenses

  • Certified local solar installer

  • High quality equipment at reduced pricing

  • Significant federal and state incentives

  • Protection against rising energy costs


The Solarize Middlefield program is over, but if you are interested in getting a no-cost site evaluation you can contact  Ross Solar at 203 512-4500.


Are you ready to get started?


“The Solarize Middlefield program gives an opportunity for residents to learn about solar power and to connect with a trusted and reliable vendor for simple and affordable solar panel installations.  Solar power is a win for the environment and a win for homeowners budgets!”  

Ed Bailey

First Selectman, Town of Middlefield


Find out what your Vernon neighbors are saying about their solar installations:


“My family made the decision to go solar back in 2007, and we’re so thankful that we did. We feel good to know that our electricity is coming from the sunshine, and not from power plants that put toxins into our air and water. We don’t pay anything now for our electricity, only a small fee each month to connect to the power grid. Since 2007, we have converted our oil hot water system to electric, now powered by our panels. We just got an electric vehicle, and are happy to say goodbye to our old tail pipe, oil changes, and trips to the gas station. Prices for solar have come down significantly since 2007, and with Middlefield’s “Solarize” program, it’s a total no-brainer to get on board.  Renewable power, and the American jobs it can create, is the clean wave of the future for the USA. It’s a win for my wallet, and a win for our biosphere.”

Jen Huddleston

Middlefield Resident and Business Owner         


“I have always been invested in energy conservation. In 1981, Allan and I designed and built a passive solar, energy saving home. In 1984, it was natural for us to put a hot water solar collector on our home—designed to last 20 years, and it is still going strong! When Solarize Durham came to town in 2016, we joined the effort, and put 33 PV panels on our home, which take care of 100% of our solar needs. I LOVE not paying for oil/gas or nuclear to power our home! We have had minimal upkeep to keep everything running  and today we end up having the utility pay us back for our excess energy each year. We need to have more of this as an example for all of us….keep energy clean.” 

Nancy Winship-Poole

Middlefield Resident

Middlefield Resisents attended the Solarize launch workshop to learn about Solarize program