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Solarize New Haven 

Solarize New Haven is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar. You’ll get:

  • $0 down financing options that require no out-of- pocket expenses
  • Certified local solar installer
  • High quality equipment at reduced pricing
  • Significant federal and state incentives
  • Protection against rising energy costs

The Solarize New Haven Deadline is March 7, 2018. 

“The City is bringing Solarize New Haven to residents as part of my administration’s ongoing commitment to increase the adoption of clean energy within this community. It’s important that efforts be made at every level to reduce emissions contributing to climate change. The City has pledged to use 100% renewable energy in its operations and we hope residents will consider doing the same in their homes. I encourage everyone to determine whether or not their home is suitable for solar over the next twenty weeks while the discounted pricing is being offered.”

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp

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Solar, A Wise Investment – Michael Uhl

My wife and I just moved to the area, with clear expectations to stay for at least six years. We lived in many rental apartments previously and wanted a new experience with owning a home.  While we both were employed, we weren’t certain about job security or family needs.  The space where we live includes two floors (~1,100 SF) for three adults and an infant.

We planned to have a family. Energy costs were high and we needed to manage our current and future expenses in a predictable way.  We also wanted to consider alternative investments to stocks and mutual funds that might be a more secure option.  We struggled to find socially responsible investments that were affordable.  We wanted to do the right thing for the environment, but we weren’t sure how much we could pay to do so.

We chose to investigate solar panels for our home. We worked through a friend with experience at a solar firm.  We got offers from more than one solar company and compared the financial options, warranties, and services.  We ultimately chose a firm that offered some discounts, had broad experience across the country, and were very positive and responsive.

The steps of the process were clear and communicated. We had a slightly complicated situation, since we also needed other renovations in a similar time-frame to the installation, but the team emailed, called, and followed up with us often.  We felt we understood what needed to happen, what we committed to do, and what the company and its system would perform.  The site was evaluated in a couple hours, the system was installed in one day, and the system was turned on within two months of our commitment and first progress payment.  We received access to accounts to see our production, a free iPhone app, and immediately saw a huge difference in our energy bill.  Our system (3kW) provides nearly all of our energy annually.  Many of our electric bills during the year are $10, with the maximum of $130 in the winter (when there is the least sunshine and we use electric heat).  We cut our electric rate to less than half of the United Illuminating rate and our system’s simple payback is 6.2 yrs, including all incentives received.  When considering the 25 yr costs (inverter replacement or maintenance), the simple payback is 8.2 yrs.