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Solarize Pomfret

Solarize Pomfret is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar. You’ll get:

  • $0 down financing options that require no out-of- pocket expenses

  • Certified local solar installer

  • High quality equipment at reduced pricing

  • Significant federal and state incentives

  • Protection against rising energy costs

The Solarize Pomfret program is over, but if you are interested in getting a no-cost site evaluation you can contact  Sunlight Solar 203-878-9123.


Are you ready to get started?


“Solarize Pomfret is a great opportunity for residents to Go Solar. The program has selected a trustworthy, certified solar installer that will provide high quality equipment at a reduced price. Homeowners will have an economical and practical way to meet household energy needs with immediate savings and relief from future ever-increasing energy costs. I hope all Pomfret residents will take full advantage of the no-charge solar site evaluation to determine their possible savings. By using efficient, renewable energy that reduces energy consumption and environmental pollutants we are conserving our environment for future generations.” 

First Selectman Maureen Nicholson  


Pomfret Residents Listen to Presentation at Pomfret Solar Workshop

Here’s what your neighbors are saying about their solar installations:



Why do I have a solar photovoltaic installation at my house?  

“Yesterday I received my electric bills from Eversource. Yes, I have two bills as my barn was once rented as a workshop and has a separate meter. My barn bill was $19.42 and my house bill was $19.25. I went occasionally to the barn and turned on the light to find something. We used the electricity in the house on a regular daily basis for TV, washing machine, refrigerator, general illumination, etc. Why was my house bill less than the barn bill – because the electricity produced from my photovoltaic installation paid for all the uses and gave me some additional kilowatt hours credit to cover some of next month’s bill. The $19.25 is what Eversource charges all of us to be connected to the grid.

I was a physics teacher and consequently was interested in alternative sources of power. I realized that my barn roof faced south and would probably be a good location for photovoltaic cells. When I went to Positively Pomfret Day five years ago I met a man who was “pushing” solar cells. He told me that I could have my house evaluated for free and that there were federal and state rebates to help with the cost of installation. My home evaluation was very positive – I would get 85% of the available sunlight without cutting any trees and I was told that 18 panels on my barn roof would supply my electric needs for a year.

I was still hesitant; the total cost of the installation was high even with federal and state rebates. I was a senior and retired on a fixed income and wondered if I would live long enough to see my investment repaid.

I went to a friend who had had photovoltaics for nearly 10 years for advice. He told me that he had spent no time or money on maintenance or repairs in that 10 years. More influential was his advice that I should not think in terms of payback time, but that I should decide if I could afford to invest the initial cost after rebates and then consider the savings in electric costs as return on my investment. In the stock market I could perhaps make 4-5 percent on my investment, but if that investment would cover my electric costs I could do considerably better. My experience in the four years that I have had photovoltaic cells on my barn roof is that I am making about 15 percent return on my investment!

I’m still in good health and with luck I will live to see full payback on my investment, but in the meantime I am getting a very good return on that initial cost which is giving me well over $100 each month in spendable cash in my pocket. Studies in the west, where solar is more prevalent, is that a solar installation can add as much as $20,000 to the value of a home when it is sold.

This photo of my installation on my barn roof shows clearly that it is an unobtrusive structure. It is on the west side of Allen Rd. in Pomfret in case anyone would like to drive by and have a look.”

-Walter Hinchman

Pomfret Resident