Solarize Canton

Thank you for your interest in Solarize Connecticut. This program is now closed. For more information on solar, please go to where you will find information on whether your home is right for solar, how to find an installer, and financing information.

Solarize Canton is a unique discount buying program that uses a tiered-pricing structure, town-supported education and outreach and one competitively selected installer to dramatically reduce the cost of solar. The more residents sign up for Solarize, the more the cost comes down. All contracts must be signed by July 31st to participate.

The CT Solar Lease is now available for Solarize Connecticut towns. Please contact your Solarize installer for more information or download more details about financing options [PDF].

Solarize Canton extended to July 31st with new financing options!

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Download the presentation from our Canton Solarize Kick-off Workshop (PDF)

Download Ross Solar Group’s presentation (PDF)

Canton volunteers with the Ross Solar Group team.

“The potential for Canton residents to realize savings through Solarize Connecticut made participating in the pilot program an obvious choice for Canton.”
– Richard Barlow, First Selectman, Town of Canton

“Under the program, a solar vendor, chosen through a competitive process, agrees to offer systems at tiered pricing level, which becomes even more favorable with increased participation.”
– Canton Patch

  • Solarize Canton Extended to July 31st with New Financing Options

    No money down lease and loan programs now available for residents.

    Rocky Hill, Conn. — Solarize Canton has been extended until July 31, 2013 to allow residents the opportunity to utilize new financing options available through the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA). These options make it possible to install solar with little or no money down. Low monthly payments allow customers to be cash flow positive from the first month they install solar.

    The new Smart-­‐E Loan and CT Solar Loan programs from CEFIA offer long-­‐term, affordable options designed to allow homeowners to undertake almost any measure that reduces a home’s fuel or electricity usage or that increases on-­‐site energy production from clean energy sources. Homeowners can save money immediately by financing with the Smart-­‐E Loan, which can yield deeper savings if the customer undertakes further energy efficiency measures. A new leasing option, the CT Solar Lease, is expected to be available soon to residents, which provides additional financial flexibility and the opportunity to install solar for a monthly charge that is less than the customer’s current electric bill. The CT Solar Lease also allows for lower credit score requirements than private solar lease options and a fixed or escalating monthly payment plan.

    These financing options are in addition to the discounts offered through the Solarize program. This special Town/State program provides group discounts to residents who install solar through the Town’s official solar installer. The more residents sign up, the more the price drops, with all participants sharing in the lowest possible price, no matter when they sign up. Solarize Canton is now at Tier 4, which means significant savings for homeowners.

    Connecticut has some of the highest home energy prices in the country. By making one’s home as energy and fuel-­‐efficient as possible, residents can realize substantial monthly savings. This approach is especially effective when coupled with the significant discounts achieved through Solarize Connecticut. The new financing mechanisms can make going solar an especially smart investment. The Solarize program has been extended to provide homeowners the opportunity to research these options.

    “One of the key barriers for homeowners in thinking about solar is the upfront cost,” reported Bryan Garcia, President of CEFIA, the administrators of the Solarize ConnecticutSM program. “By providing Connecticut residents with these valuable financing tools, which attract private-­‐capital investments, we are making solar available to more Connecticut homeowners and attracting more private capital to support the deployment of lower-­‐cost solar in Connecticut.”

    “We have heard from our residents that they want help financing solar and we’re glad to see that the Solarize program has been extended to give Canton residents a chance to take advantage of these offerings. We are even more pleased to see the Smart-­‐E Loan program has the flexibility to be used for other efficiency improvements, and this is going to help our community and our residents in so many ways,” reported Richard Barlow, First Selectman, Town of Canton.

    Canton homeowners who are interested in learning more about these financing options should consult the Ross Solar Group, Canton’s selected Solarize installer, at 203-­‐512-­‐4500.  For general information on the Solarize program including upcoming events, please visit Those interested in participating in Solarize Canton must have a signed contract by the July 31st deadline.

    The Solarize Connecticut program has been made possible through a partnership between the Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, SmartPower, the John Merck Fund and Putnam Family Foundation and the Town of Canton.

  • Ross Solar Group installing panels at the Knudsen home in Canton on June 8

  • Ross Solar Group installed panels at the home of Gregory Boyko in Canton on May 6