Solarize Portland

Thank you for your interest in Solarize Connecticut. This program is now closed. For more information on solar, please go to where you will find information on whether your home is right for solar, how to find an installer, and financing information. If you have any questions about Solarize Connecticut, please contact Kate Donnelly at

“Our community is thrilled with the results from Solarize Connecticut’s innovative program.  With Portland residents’ commitment, we were able to maximize savings for our community, while promoting a ground-breaking solar campaign. We would like to thank CEFIA, Smart Power, the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program, Portland Clean Energy Commission, Portland’s ‘solar residents’ and all those involved with this very successful program!”
– Susan Bransfield, First Selectman, Town of Portland

Congratulations to everyone who made Solarize Connecticut so successful! We were able to more than double the amount of solar in Portland during the 20 weeks of this program, thanks to the huge support of town officials and volunteers and our pre-selected installer, Real Goods. Final results will be announced shortly. While the Solarize CT program is over, we encourage those who did not get a chance to participate to contact your local installers directly.

Thanks again, Portland, for this great success.

– The Solarize CT Team