Solarize Stafford

Thank you for your interest in Solarize Connecticut. This program is now closed. For more information on solar, please go to where you will find information on whether your home is right for solar, how to find an installer, and financing information. If you have any questions about Solarize Connecticut, please contact Kate Donnelly at

Dear Stafford Residents,

Many of you know about the cost savings the Stafford Energy Advisory Committee is providing to you as a taxpayer with solar panels on our library and schools. Now it is possible for you to realize some of these same solar advantages at your home.

Solarize CT is coming to Stafford with a plan to save energy, money and the environment. With the second highest energy costs in the nation (behind Hawaii), the dollars saved with solar energy may be your best investment. A program is being implemented that can get you solar panels in a timely and cost effective way.

Working with the state and a US Department of Energy Grant Award, Solarize CT will provide an easy way to get to the clean energy savings. The steps are:

1. Schedule a no obligation visit.
2. Get your discounted solar installation price quote
3. Sign a contract to have your new solar panels installed
4. Save on your monthly electric bill for years to come.

As your Selectman and one of the Solar Ambassadors to the town, I look forward to our success in making Stafford a cleaner and continually energy efficient town.

Neil Hoss
Stafford Selectman

  • I Love My Solar Array!


    “I love my solar array, my lease payment is less than what I used to pay for electricity and all my electricity comes from the sun, my solar panels have been installed for a little over 4 years and have worked flawlessly.”
    Gene Julian

  • 100% of My Electricity Provided



    “I heat and cool my house with a geothermal system, and my Solar PV array provides 100% of my electricity eliminating my CL&P bill.”
    Leonard “Butch” Clark