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Solarize with Faith is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar. Join us if your sense of stewardship includes:

  • Reducing air pollutions caused by electric power plants burning fossil fuels

  • Reducing impacts of climate change, which tend to impact poor populations more severely than others

  • Protecting the Earth’s ecosystems

  • Protecting your long-term financial resources

You must sign a contract by July 9th to receive the benefits of Solarize with Faith.


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See what your faith leaders are saying…

“The Unitarian Society of Hartford is excited to partner with Solarize With Faith to bring affordable solar power to our members and increase generation of clean energy. With so many different solar installers in Connecticut, we appreciate Solarize With Faith as a streamlined, community-approved, simple way to help members explore generating their own power as stewards of our natural resources. We invite members of the participating houses of worship and residents from the surrounding communities to attend one of the upcoming informational sessions to learn how to participate in this program.”
John Brancato, President of the Unitarian Society of Hartford

“The climate is changing and there is overwhelming evidence that human patterns of energy consumption are a leading driver of that change. Transitioning to clean energy in our homes is a tangible way we can live out the tenets of our faith, including justice and compassion for all the earth’s people. Some of the highest rates of energy consumption per capita occur in the US, yet developing countries stand to be most impacted by the effects of climate change. Our time to act is running out. We urge your house of worship to join us in Solarize with Faith as a beacon of hope and a vehicle for change.”
Rev. Josh Pawelek of Unitarian Universalist Society: East in Manchester

See what your neighbors are saying…


“We have a 17 KW system solar electric system in total with two separate installations. The most recent system is 5.1 kW with 300 W panels and  will pay for themselves over the next 5-7 years. We installed the original 12.05 kW system with 195 W panels in 2007 and they will pay for themselves over 23 years. You can see that just over the last decade, the panels have become a lot more efficient and the price of the panels have come down substantially. We installed the original system to meet our home’s electricity demand and we saw solar as a long-term investment in the future. We are doing our part to help save the planet from too much CO2. We installed the newest system to generate enough electricity to power the new plug-in Prius we are getting in the next two weeks. If you get an electric car without solar, you still have to consider where your power is coming from – in CT that can be from oil, natural gas or nuclear energy, which is better than coal. But solar is better than all of them.”
David Newton, Member of Unitarian Society of Hartford


“I went solar because I try to minimize my environmental impact and I wanted to put my money where my mouth is. I installed a 4.9 kW system in 2016, but I’m already looking to expand my system to cover my new electric car. My life credo is low impact living and my goal is to transition as much of my energy consumption over to renewable energy.”
Virginia deLima, Member of Unitarian Society of Hartford

“Our relatively small 4 kW solar array, installed in 2014, demonstrates that even a small system that has quite a bit of shade from a neighbor’s trees and much less than optimal orientation (facing south-southwest) can be a great investment. It significantly reduces our household’s contribution to climate change. It demonstrates environmental leadership in the neighborhood. And it cuts our monthly electric bill to the bare minimum – essentially paying us nearly 8% a year, a fantastic rate of return. All with zero maintenance and zero fuss.”
Jeff Howard, Member of Unitarian Society of Hartford

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