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Solarize Vernon


Solarize Vernon is a community-supported solar campaign that makes it easy for residents to go solar. You’ll get:   

  • Community-selected, certified local solar installers

  • Protection against rising energy costs

  • Town-wide educational solar workshops from a neutral nonprofit

  • $0 down financing options thatrequire no out-of- pocket expenses

    • Town-approved, high quality equipment at reduced group pricing                                                                                                                       


The Solarize Vernon program is over, but if you are interested in getting a no-cost site evaluation you can contact  Earthlight Technologies at 866-499-3084.


Are you ready to get started?




“The Town of Vernon has taken steps to reduce energy consumption in our town. Solarize Vernon compliments our clean energy goals by providing residents the opportunity to make solar energy an affordable option. The program offers discounted prices on installation using a pre-screened, local installer. Solarize Vernon also provides a free, no-obligation solar assessment of your home and affordable financing options. Coupled with state and federal incentives, I encourage our residents to explore the advantages of going solar with Solarize Vernon.”

Daniel A. Champagne

Mayor Town of Vernon

As a Vernon homeowner, I am grateful for an opportunity to reduce my energy costs. Having a local contractor come to my home to provide all  necessary information on solar energy is comforting. Since there is no obligation, I recommend any resident who would like to learn more, to contact Earthlight. I will be calling them.”

Jeff Boulrice

Chairman, Vernon Energy Improvement District Board




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 Find out what your Vernon neighbors are saying about their solar installations:


What sparked your interest in installing solar for your home? We used to visit Albuquerque, NM over the years and seeing all the solar panels on homes, businesses and schools sparked our interest in installing solar for our home. My brother Pete also made his own solar panel back in the 80s, to heat the water in his home.  Eventually he had professionals install panels on his roof to provide electrical power.  This convinced us further to look into solar energy.

What’s your favorite thing about your solar array? With solar, we are one less family depending on fossil fuels to create power. We’re doing something that’s good for the atmosphere and the environment and the sunshine is free. We used to burn coal with a coal stove. We got rid of that last year when we decided we needed to stop because the fumes that were going out of the house were not clean.

How did your electricity bill change by going solar? What kind of solar system do you have? Before going solar, we were paying a monthly budgeted amount of $106 for electricity. We installed a SunPower residential ground mount in our back yard in March of 2017. The system is 14 panels – 4.48 KW-DC. We purchased our system outright using our home equity loan. Since the solar was connected we have averaged $35 a month for the first year.

How was it working with Earthlight? Earthlight handled all the issues associated with such a large project; permits, scheduling, etc. Whoever was doing something as part of the installation was always asking, “is it okay if I go in the house, what way do you want me to go in?” The Earthlight team made sure that they had things on their feet when they went in the basement so that they weren’t tracking dirt in and they were very considerate of our privacy and our schedule. They dealt with a couple of equipment glitches and the unpredictable New England weather.  When the project was done, they put the yard back to its original state. Any questions or problems we had were immediately addressed by the staff at Earthlight.  They are a great group of people to work with and we highly recommend them.

What advice would you give to people considering solar? We would definitely recommend that others consider solar for their home; whether you lease, purchase or take out a loan for the equipment…the sunlight is still FREEBe sure you get all the information regarding price, warranties, installation schedules, payment options, expandability of the system and the ability to transfer the system to new owners if you should sell your home. If any interested party would like to check out the array in our yard, please have them call us and we would be happy to show them around.

Is there anything else you would like to add? With the free- standing array, I can brush the snow off the panels to ensure the system will still be generating power in the winter. We also don’t have children, so at some point we will sell the house, and solar would be a selling point for potential buyers. The system is expandable for a family that may use more electricity than the two of us and we can easily transfer ownership of the solar array. Sunpower panels also come with a 25-year warranty, which most companies that we looked at had 10, 15, at best a 20-year warranty. That was one of the selling points. And the other things is too is that we were supporting a local business, which we like to do. We can’t say enough about Earthlight, they were on top of everything. There has not been any downfall to this at all.

Bob & Kathy Sumislaski, 5 Alpert Rd., Vernon, 860-875-1528


Vernon Residents Attend the Launch Workshop to Learn about Solarize Vernon
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