Solarize West Hartford!

Thank you for your interest in Solarize Connecticut. This program is now closed. For more information on solar, please go to where you will find information on whether your home is right for solar, how to find an installer, and financing information. If you have any questions about Solarize Connecticut, please contact Kate Donnelly at


“West Hartford is very pleased to have been selected for Solarize CT.  Our town takes pride in supporting initiatives that offer both environmental and economic benefits. Solarize will provide our residents with the opportunity to reduce their energy costs, make West Hartford a cleaner place to live, and support local jobs. Town administration and support staff are committed to working with residents and our selected Solarize contractor to make the program a success.”
- Scott Slifka, Mayor, Town of West Hartford

“Since 2008, we have had 54 permitted solar installations in West Hartford. I believe that we can easily double that number. I hope that many residents will take part in this program.”
- Catherine Diviney, Energy Specialist, Town of West Hartford

Read what is happening with Solarize West Hartford on Bernie Pelletier’s Solarize blog.


The Story of Solarize West Hartford

Watch a Live Solar Panel Installation with C-TEC Solar!

  • Making Solar Affordable

    West Hartford resident Avi Smith-Rapaport, signed a contract with C-TEC Solar using the Solarize program:

    “We have always wanted solar, however now with the state incentives it was affordable. I am told this should cover our energy usage so we are excited to be using a green resource for our power. Over time it should also lessen our financial burden. We are purchasing the system and using our home line of credit for financing. C-TEC has been great. I appreciate efficient and digital communication. They have been great on both accounts.”

  • Saving Energy!

    sct-testimonial-West Hartford - Shelby“Mike and I put a few solar panels on our house in February 2013. The state of CT has incredible incentives and along the way we’ve enjoyed getting rebates, lots of energy efficiency upgrades and tax incentives from the Federal government.  

    “Each year we do a little more to make our Colonial built in 1929 more energy efficient, and this was our first experience installing alternative (free) energy.  It’s actually a lot of fun to look at an app (see right) and see hour-by-hour how much energy we’ve made and how much we’ve used.  

    “Our kids are proud too.  We never wanted our kids to say to us, ‘you knew the effect of burning fossil fuels and you did nothing??’”  

    Sabina & Michael Shelby
    West Hartford

  • Cost-effective!

    sct-testimonial-West Hartford - Schonfeld“My wife and I value living sustainably. We eat no meat, support organic agriculture, compost and recycle, and try to minimize fuel consumption. Going solar was a natural for us but didn’t seem cost-effective until recently, thanks to new initiatives in Connecticut. Our 38-panel system (with micro-inverters) was installed ahead of schedule. We went live on July 31, 2013 and have been delighted with the results so far.”
    David Schonfeld
    West Hartford